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Our Factory

Accountability and product integrity of our menstrual cups is our top priority.

We manufacture menstrual cups of world-class standards and precision. We’ve taken great care with every aspect of the manufacturing process to adhere to the high global standards of producing medical devices. We ensure that our air is 98.6% filtered and are confident that every aspect of production is superior. Only fully-suited and authorised personnel are allowed into the manufacturing side of the facility.

From the making of each period cup through to the packaging – we have absolute confidence in the integrity of our She PowHer menstrual cups.

Our Certifications

5-Point Quality Check

Each She PowHer menstrual cup goes through a 5-point quality check.
Step 1


We check for any physical or aesthetic defects that may occur within the medical grade silicone during the production process.

Step 2

Hole Punching

Excess silicone is carefully removed to ensure a completely smooth product and re-inspected for any aesthetic nonconformities.

Step 3

Sanitary Check

We ensure that the products are clean and sterile ready to be packaged.

Step 4

Primary Packaging

The cups are wrapped in a 30-micron food grade resin plastic to ensure the cups remain in a sanitary state until opened by the end user.

Step 5

Random Batch Check

After the product’s final packaging, we carry out a random batch check to check that all aspects of the production process have been correctly carried out and recorded to ensure only the best quality products leave our facility.

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