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She PowHer Foundation

She PowHer Foundation

The ShepowHer Foundation

End Period Poverty

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Ruth Apostolov | She PowHer

Ruth Apostolov, CEO/ Founder


My successful 18-year journey at the helm of ICTV ended in March 2020 when COVID-19 struck South Africa, the era of eventing as we knew came to a halt.

Our scope of work over 18 years included roadshows, awareness campaigns, activations and other outdoor events. We have worked diligently on thousands of provincial and national campaigns, covering the most far flung rural areas in every part of South Africa and across our borders into several African countries.  It was over these 18 years that my love for working with and Empowering Women developed.


2020 the year the world changed forever with the onset of COVID-19. This massive shift forced us as businesses to rethink our strategies and go back to the drawing board to remain both relevant and effective in this ‘new normal’ era that we find ourselves in.

While the world had come to a standstill, a little teenage girl was standing in the car park of the local Pick n Pay begging for money to buy herself a pack of pads.

Yes, I did buy her 2 packs, but that would only help her for 2 months and then what?

Something dropped in the core of my being and I couldn’t shake it off. I started researching and realised that PERIOD POVERTY was real. There is anecdotal evidence that suggest the lack of menstrual resources result in school going young girls missing up to 5 days of school per month due to menstruation. This is not just a women issue, but a societal issue.

The harsh reality is that sanitary products are prohibitively unaffordable for most females making it impossible to maintain healthy menstrual hygiene.

Having access to free menstrual products is a fundamental human right.

All women have the right to enjoy their period with dignity and free of shame because having a period is as natural as breathing. A child having to choose between buying bread or sanitary products is an indictment on our countries leaders.

My passion has always been to impact and Empower women with positive and lasting change so deciding to join the Menstrual Revolution was an easy decision, but the ‘how do I make an impact’ was the big question.


Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and that is the driving force behind our She PowHer brand. 


Introducing She PowHer Menstrual cup, SOUTH AFRICA/AFRICA’s first FEMALE Manufacturer, manufacturing in a WORLD CLASS ISO 13485 / 9001 accredited Manufacturing Plant based at our beautiful Warehouse in Olivedale, Randburg.

She PowHer Menstrual cups are made from Medical Grade Silicone in a full Medical Clean Room facility. The entire manufacturing process right through to the packaging is done in a complete sterile environment.

She Powher is the shy unassuming 13-year-old teenage girl, She PowHer is the 22-year-old College graduate, She PowHer is the 25-year-old first time mother, She PowHer Is the 30-year-old mother trying to get her matric after all these years, She PowHer is the 40-year-old Office Manager working after hours on her Law Degree.

She PowHer is every Women.

I am HER and SHE is ME and together we are UNSTOPPABLE. 



We are now officially an NPO

Our Mission Is To Empower Girls And Women

Our Mission:

Keep our girls in school and on the sports field.

To ensure that no woman or girl is forced to exchange sex for money to buy sanitary products.

To help girls feel safe and confident during their menstrual cycle.

Ensure that no caregiver ever has to choose between having to buy bread, or buying their child a pack of sanitary pads.

We have taken our passion and conviction one giant step forward by being the first acclaimed woman-owned menstrual cup manufacturer in South Africa, and by producing menstrual cups that are sustainable, economical and in perfect compliance in accordance to World Safety Standards.

World Class Manufacturing Facility:

Accountability and product integrity of our menstrual cups is our top priority.

We are manufacturing menstrual cups of world-class standards and precision. We’ve taken great care with every aspect of the manufacturing process to adhere to the high global standards of producing medical devices. Our facility is purpose-designed for the manufacture of medical products, SAHPRA licensed and ISO 13485/9001 Accredited. We ensure that our air is 98.6% filtered and are confident that every aspect of production is superior. Only fully-suited and authorised personnel are allowed into the manufacturing side of the facility.

From the making of each period cup through to the packaging – we have absolute confidence in the integrity of our She PowHer menstrual cups.

Our Ethos

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To order She PowHer menstrual cups, please contact us on:

Email info@shepowher.co.za

Call 011 704 6865

We are now officially an NPO

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