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UncategorizedShe PowHer equips young girls to empower themselves this menstrual health awareness month!

On Friday the 27th of may 2022 the She PowHer team along with The Break Through Center visited Umtholo Primary and Fumana Secondary school in Katlehong.

The goal of the trip was to educate the learners from both schools on their sexual and reproductive rights as well as incorporate an element of menstrual education to assist them in their day to day living.

The afternoon ended with us presenting each learner with their very own menstrual cup which they were all very excited to receive. At first many of the girls had questions and rightfully so, as this is a new concept to all of them. However, the most encouraging aspect of our interaction provided us with a key insight, the girls were asking Questions not presenting objections.

We educated them on the benefits of using the menstrual cups as an alternative or even supplement to traditional sanitary products and at the end of the day we were very pleased by the overwhelmingly positive response we got on our WhatsApp lines after the demonstration.

The bottom line of what we were trying to impart on our young audience is that at the end of the day, they have the right to know what goes into their bodies and they should have the choice between various sanitary options.

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